Birthday sex

So yesterday was my birthday.

I got home from dinner with my best friend (our birthdays are the same day) and my boyfriend is sitting in the chair watching some tv. I come in and kiss him then I do downstairs to our bedroom. I close the door so I could change into comfy clothes. While I’m in the process of this he comes downstairs and stands in the doorway and says why are you getting changed? Me being slightly sarcastic respond with... why wouldn’t I? Isn’t that what your supposed to do?...

he then moves from the doorway and starts kissing my neck and all I’ve wanted to do all day is fuck this man.

He then reaches around and undoes my bra and goes to town on sucking my nipples as I’m playing with him. He then proceeds to pick me up and throw me on the bed and eats the fuck outta my pussy which at this point is soaking fucking wet. I start sucking his 9 inch and by this point all I wanna do is ride him. He then pulls me off the bed and bends me over our bed and starts fucking the shit outta me. Now neither one of us usually make sounds but we were both pretty fucking loud. And him making sounds to let me know hes enjoying himself is just a complete turn on.