Vagina explanation please? Weird sharp pain..

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So for the past few months I’ve been getting a really sharp pain inside my vagina like a pinch. No it’s not itchy, no abnormal discharge or anything out of the ordinary about from this, I’m std free (I get checked regularly), not pregnant as I just had my period.

It’s just been really odd and painful, sometimes I can handle it but then other times it’s really sharp, not a burning feeling just like some one with sharp finger nails is pinching certain areas inside where “normally” a penis would enter.

I’m trying to explain this feeling with as much information to get the best answer.

Do I go to a doctor or like a gynaecologist or some type of specialist idk?

Mum said it’s nothing and I’m just worrying and she worry’s about my sexual health more than I do but this feels really odd.