Monster In Law


So from the very beginning of my pregnancy, my MIL has only talked about wanting a girl. She’s got all these ideas about what MY CHILD should do because her daughter did them. 😐 She even went as far as, on the day of my gender reveal (she set up), she had my husband and I sign a paper (jokingly but not jokingly at the same time) saying that only she and my SIL were allowed to buy clothes for MY DAUGHTER because my husband and I “have no sense of style”. Of course, we’re having a girl and she’s really pissing me off about it. I bought an outfit and she actually had the nerve to confront me about it because “I signed that paper”. 😐 She keeps talking about all these things my daughter is going to do. “SHES GONNA BE A CHEERLEADER AND GO TO WORLDS AND BE THE BEST!” No the fuck she’s not. If she’s anything like her father or I, she won’t be remotely interested in cheerleading or anything extra girly. She’s not gonna give a shit about fashion and style. She’s probably gonna be a tomboy who loves music and sports. I just have a feeling my MIL is gonna try to force her into doing things she doesn’t want to do because “it’s paid for”. I refuse to FORCE any of my kids to conform to the ideas people have set out for them before they’re even fuckin born. Like...they’re gonna be happy and do what they want to do and that’s all I’m worried about.

I have no idea how to handle this because my husband won’t step in and tell her to lay off and I have a temper so I’m afraid I’ll end up cussing and yelling. She’s extremely stubborn and refuses to listen to reason about anything.

What do you all think?