Can I be craving already??

Kirsten • Wife • Mommy to Lily Brielle 06/19 • Due 09/21 w/ baby #2

Im 3 +3 today. At 3+1 my husband sat next to me with bowl of Ramen noodles. I havent eaten ramen noodles in 10 years. Ive had no interest in them. Always thought they were gross. But I smelled his food and wanted them so bad. I took his bowl and started eating them and loved the saltiness. I got my positive a day later. Ever since I have been craving salt. Ive eaten 2 more packs of Ramen and eaten 2 pickles just today. I feel like its not in my head because it started before I knew. But idk maybe it is in my head. Any else? Is it even possible?