Should my husband be able to decide when people begin visiting us at the hospital?

Kirsten • Wife of 8 years, Mother of two beautiful daughters, first son on the way 😍

My husband and I will be welcoming our 3rd child into the world within the next 10 weeks or so. With our first child, everyone came to the hospital the moment I started labor. There was at least 15+ people there from the moment I was hooked to an IV to the time I delivered our baby girl at 2 am. And then all those people were there the moment I opened my eyes the next morning as soon as 8am rolled around. I didn’t even get to bed until 5 after shower, visiting with my new baby, etc. For our 2nd daughter I asked that we didn’t tell anyone until after she arrived. My husband insisted to post it on social media as soon as my butt was hooked up again. Both my labors were 20 hours or more as well. So I was annoyed and completely exhausted. For our 3rd child I asked him that we don’t tell people this time. The last few times I’ve been in the hospital for other reasons, I’ve had crazy anxiety and ended up with the shakes and feeling very overwhelmed. Honestly, I’d like to have a baby in peace, and get some rest without the hassle of entertaining people over the course of 3 days. I mean I’d rather them come visit me when I’m home, in a place that I walk around more than just a room, and be in comfort. My husband is very against this, he’s already planning his guest list of people to come see his baby boy be born, and I don’t want to think I’m being selfish but my goodness I just want some time to heal and rest my body without people. Opinions?

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