IUD and hormone imbalance


So I’ve been experiencing horrible symptoms since being on Liletta almost 2 years ago. Not only has the weight gain been horrible(I’ve worked so hard to get that weight off), but my anxiety and depression, night sweats, etc has gotten so much worse. I haven’t been able to pin point exactly what was causing it until today. It wasn’t until my new doctor decided to check my hormone levels did we find out both my progesterone and testosterone are extremely low. I’m 27, and she was shocked at how low my levels were. I have a number of health issues but the doctor said my birth control may have played a factor into all of this. She advised me to have the IUD taken out and told me to use non-hormonal birth control methods. That the medication I need to up my levels and get me back to feeling “normal” can make me fertile so I need to be extremely careful if I don’t want to get pregnant. Has this hormone imbalance happened to anyone else after getting an IUD?? What birth control method do you use other than condoms?