Boyfriend leaving me?


Here’s the thing we both go to college together I’m a freshman and he’s a sophomore. Before the quarter started he said to me if I ever have a mid term or final on Saturday he’d stay and wait for me. We drive back (he drives and takes me with him) home every weekend but there’s one week in November I have a midterm on a Saturday morning. He’s saying it’s going to have been three weeks by that time that he hasn’t seen his dad (he works out of state sometimes and isn’t home when he goes home on the weekend) so he’s going to go home Friday morning (when his class ends) and he told me to just take the train back home. I realize I’m his gf and family should go before me but am I being selfish for still being a little hurt? I’d stay and wait a day for him I don’t know why he wouldn’t do the same for me.