PAINFUL sex😭😭😭


I’m 22 years old. I have been sexually active since I was 14 or 15. I have been with my fair share of people.

I have been with the same man for 5 years! We have sex a lot & I have never had a problem! He has hurt me before & ripped me, he is a big hung guy!

I had an annual once & she said “Have you had an accident?” I said “No ma’am?” She said “Rough sex, etc?” I said “Yes ma’am” she asked if I was sore or hurting, I told her I am sore & hurt a little bit but it’s nothing. She told me to go home, look at myself, get familiar with how I look so if I notice a change, I can get it checked. She said if it gets any worse, to come back! I went home worried & unsure what she was talking about. Y’all my hole was swollen, purple, & the skin around was peeling, I guess from so much rubbing. Like I said he is big, so he punished me! But it healed right up.

Anyways, for the past 3 months I want to say? Sex is SOOO painful. Like just the opening of my vag & right inside. When he goes to stick it in, I can not take it half of the time. You ladies know when a man accidentally sticks it in your ass & you get that pit feeling in your stomach it hurts so bad?? I get that when he goes in. Once he gets PAST that & is in me, it’s fine! Sometimes it still hurts but I can take it. If we have sex once, most of the time it’s fine, a second or third round?? No it gets worse & worse. It feels like I am getting ripped & like the opening of my vag is on fire, like I guess how “the ring of fire” is when you give birth. Plus the stomach feeling.

We have sex about every other day, sometimes every day. Sometimes the first time is even too painful. Idk why or what is going on with me?? I don’t look damaged down there.

When I try to poop & push, it feels like I’m ripping. If I do a “kegel” it hurts & feels like I’m ripping. When I take a bath/shower & touch down there sometimes it hurts. & it’s like it has gotten worse & worse over the months. Went from hurting a little after a few rounds, to hurting worse, to hurting the second round, to hurting when I use the bathroom or touch down there, to now it’s even painful the FIRST time I have sex.

We did anal, which hurts me at times & I can’t do but every now & then, & anal was less painful the vaginal sex. Literally did anal 2 days in a row when it usually takes me like a week to recover from one time. We also have anal-eze now which is AAAAMAZING at numbing. I had to use it on my vag which idk if you should do just to be able to have sex.

I have my annual Tuesday, I am a month late & am going to have her check me to make sure I am not ripped somewhere or something.

Have any of you experienced this?? Or have a guess at what could be going on??

We have been together FIVE years, nothing has changed in our sex lives. Like we have sex the same amount, we don’t use toys a lot. Haven’t in a long time. Idk what’s going on 😭