Sharing my masturbation thoughts . Just happened 10 minutes ago

Ok ok just wanna day that this is all real thoughts and feelings. It’s my first time sharing something like this. Please let me if my thoughts are normal.

Im thinking about sharing this with my bf so spice things up but I feel like it’s dumb. Please send advice.

Here it is:

I just had the best cum of my life mannn oh man!!! So good that Its still going lol.

So it started so different , I squally have to touch myself but tonight it was ll mental. I was thinking about you going down on me and then i started to touch my thighs and pinching my nipples afterward it started feeling sooo good, I felt chills all over my body. Then I started thinking about how you would feel if we did anal. I wanted more so I softly rubbed by clit back and forth. That felt soo goood. Didn’t even have to do rough rub. So then I started adding pressure two my back hole and man did that felt so goood

Keep in mind I’m high af and super horny I’m thinking about what to do about my asshole pleasure so then I see the corner of my bed it’s perfect small and round. So then I put a thin shirt on top of it. I start sitting on it ..slowly and slowly I go a little deeper. Don’t worry it didn’t go inside me. It was good enough that felt good then I wanted more so as I sat there I started running my clit with my finger. I rubbed and rubbed while sitting a little harder each time I move around my clit. My whole body felt so warm I was so close to cumming that I rubbed a little harder and there it goes I cum, I kept going for an extra 15 seconds . That’s how good it felt. It was a throb in both places. With the back being a lot more stronger. I lay there taking it all in , it felt amazing!!! It was one of the best cums I’ve done to myself.

And it hit me I really into anal stufff.

10 minutes later and I’m still horny.