Gave him the best head

My husband and I have been staying with friends in Chattanooga w our kids for about 2 weeks. We lived 6 hours away and he landed a supervisor position at a hospital here. Anyway- we haven’t have sex in like 6 weeks because I was really sick before we moved here. We’ve been struggling with somethings but last night I laid with him on the sectional in the basement and he was asleep. I helped myself and he woke up. I WAS laying w my head on a pillow by his waist because he was laying on the curve of the sectional. Anyway, I ended up reaching up through his shorts and stroking him until he got hard, rubbing his balls, and massaging his taint (lol) that was a first btw. I ended up pulling his shorts just passed his waste and slid his hard cock into my mouth. This wasn’t any regular blow job. We were both SO into it and I honestly felt a tad like a pornstar. I had no gag reflex which was awesome and made it easy to be a whore about it haha. I paid special attention to his head and using my tongue in all the right places, his moans and throwing a pillow over his face to muffle his moans were enough to make me moan and want him like crazy! He finished and just as I had begun my son fell out of bed upstairs and it was all over. 😑 he texted me this am from work “I’ll repay the favor 😉”. Seriously the best head I’ve ever given to him or anyone for that matter. Woohoo!!