Fertility workup


I went for my lab work yesterday and scheduled my HSG for this Friday. I’m super nervous 😟

How has everyone’s experience with this procedure been??


Thank y’all so much for the comments! I had my HSG this morning, I didn’t take anything beforehand because they told me not to eat or drink anything after midnight last night, it was a little painful, not super bad but definitely not something I would want to have to go through over and over. I think it was more painful because I was tense and nervous thinking that it was going to be super painful (if that makes sense) it was pain but something I haven’t felt before, really hard to explain. The doctor said everything looked good and that my uterus and tubes are beautiful and that sometimes this procedure will lube the tubes. I’ve seen my blood test results from Monday but haven’t gone over them with anyone so I’m not sure what everything means.

I am now patiently (we all know that’s a lie) waiting on the nurse to call me so we can discuss where we go next. I’m so emotional and it doesn’t help that every time I get on Facebook I see a pregnancy announcement, I’m so jealous.

Has anyone had a clear HSG? If so, what came next?