My journey so far as a FTM at high risk...


Now most people may think I’m lucky for going on my 6th ultrasound at only 29 weeks but I’d do anything and everything to not have that constant worry knowing if my baby boy is doing okay or not. Or if he will ever be okay. I just wanted to share my journey so far as a first time mom and having a high risk pregnancy. My first ultrasound was to check and see if a baby was in the womb. They measured me at only 6 weeks and 5 days. Looked like a blob with a tail on the screen lol at 12 weeks my doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat and gave me an ultrasound right away to make sure everything was okay. Everything was good. We found out baby was very active and was bouncing around everywhere. Then 20 weeks rolls around and it’s time for my anatomy scan (3rd ultrasound) and I was supposed to have a gender reveal party, that I ended up canceling due to the news we were given that day. Doctor told me that baby has micrognathia which means he has a small jaw/chin and may need surgery when born. Possible breathing or feeding tubes. Most babies with this have one of two genetic disorders. One called Treacher Collins or one called Pierre Robin. At 21 weeks I was scheduled for another ultrasound (4th ultrasound) for a amniocentesis where they take some of the amniotic fluid out of my tummy and send it to testing to rule out any genetic disabilities. Everything came back normal. At 25 weeks I was scheduled to see a specialist at a more advanced hospital and went on to my 5th ultrasound. They ruled out Treacher Collins by noticing that my baby boys ears weren’t low set. So they are now treating him as if he has Pierre robin. To be prepared when he comes if he needs surgery or not. So most babies with this either need a jaw distraction or they need surgery of a cleft in the soft palate, even both sometimes. So they scheduled me an MRI at the end of this month to see if he has cleft of the soft palate to see how severe this may be. Today at 28 weeks and 6 days I had my 6th ultrasound. Now most babies with a cleft of the soft palate aren’t able to swallow as much amniotic fluid which leaves an excess amount in the womb. Well today they told me he is getting just the amount he needs and everything looks great. We still need the MRI to rule it out but I’m hoping they have just seen a small jaw/chin that just wasn’t done growing or developing yet. Most people would say, “wow she’s lucky she gets so many ultrasounds done.” but to me I’d rather have a normal pregnancy with no worry whatsoever. Especially being a first time mom.. but I am very lucky I get to see him about once a month to see how much changes he goes through.. but I really would do anything to not have that constant worry..My next ultrasound is on the 5th of November then another on the 27th of November. By the time this pregnancy is over I’ll have had about 9 or 10 ultrasounds done.. along with an amniocentesis, fetal echo, and MRI.. I just keep praying that we keep getting good news each time we walk into the doors of those hospitals..I just want my baby boy to be completely healthy with no surgeries