Can I rant for a sec?!


I am so excited to be expecting our second baby in April. We already have a 2.5yo daughter who is stunning and amazing, and we're over the moon about bringing home a friend for her.

However, EVERYBODY feels that they need to share their opinion on this baby's gender. Everyone says "oh it's a boy" presumably because we already have a girl. I'm 14w3d and we don't know yet what we're having, but now I'm like 💭 well, what if its a girl and everyone gets disappointed and then isn't excited any more!?

My mom keeps talking about how she hopes its a boy; please let it be a boy. She has 1 grandchild of each but it's really putting stress on me.

We actually would love to have a second girl, but obviously will be thrilled either way.

Is this legit to be upset about, or am I just being hormonal?!

Thanks for letting me get it off my chest. ✌