The Reunion pt. 19

Claire • Air Force Wife ❤️ Expecting our first 👧🏻 February 2019!

I grabbed one of my other soaps, a less feminine one, and poured it onto my louffah. I gently scrubbed the soap on his shoulders, arms, and chest. Then I washed his abs and knelt down as I rubbed the louffah down his legs and then back up to his ass.

“See now I think YOU missed a spot my dear.”

I stood back up and whispered in his ear, “You should know that your cock gets extra attention.”

Nate braces himself against the wall as I pour some of the soap onto my hands and lather it up. I grasp his cock in my hands and rub up and down with one hand at a time. He moans as the softness of both my hands and the soap please his hard cock.

I reach one hand between his legs to gently wash and massage his balls. Then, while still on my knees, I guide him over to the water so I can rinse him off. I gently move my hands up and down his entire body to get all of the soap off. Then I stand up and kiss him.

“All done.”

“Do you have to be?”

“Keeps you wanting more.” I wink and step out of the shower.

I wrap my towel around me as Nate turns off the water and steps out as well. I hand him a towel and he begins to dry off. Once we’re both dry, we go back into my room to change. Nate puts on jeans and a black t shirt that perfectly shows off his toned, muscular arms. I decide on a pair of black jeans and a purple off the shoulder top, with a black, strapless bra and matching black panties underneath.

I put on some makeup and comb my hair real quick before joining Nate in the living room. He’s on the phone when I walk in.

“Yeah, that should be fine, around 6ish? Ok perfect. I’ll have my girlfriend with me, I’d like her to have a say in the property I choose.”

I’m surprised but thrilled to hear him call me his girlfriend.

“Ok cool. See you then, bye.” He turns and notices I’m standing in the doorway. “Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there.”

“No problem.” I sit next to him. “So I’m your girlfriend huh?”

“Oh you heard that?” He looks at me with a hopeful look in his eye. “Is that ok?”

“It’s more than ok, I was thrilled to hear it, just surprised is all since we hadn’t exactly discussed labels yet.”

“I just figured, we’re not kids anymore, I know what I want and I’m pretty sure you want the same. So what’s the point in holding back?”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

To be continued.