Any tips are welcome!!

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My 23 month old has been sick this week. She spiked a fever Wednesday and Thursday we ended up at the doctors where they said she had a viral respiratory infection and the starting stages of a double ear infection (the inside of her ears are pink and she has some fluid but it’s not bad enough for them to say yes she has ear infections) however they did go ahead and give us antibiotics. She’s been on the for about 32 hours now and she’s started eating again but she will not drink! I’m going crazy because she is starting to have fewer wet diapers and hasn’t pooped since Wednesday and it is now Saturday night. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been so desperate to get her to drink I have tried everything I can think of! Soppy cups, water bottles, I even broke out some baby bottles and she still won’t drink anything she will sip here and there but nothing like she should be. Does anyone have any tips to keep up out of the hospital getting IV fluids?