READERS OF “The Reunion”

Claire • Air Force Wife ❤️ 2/21/19 💜 8/20/20 💛

Attention readers:

I will most likely not be putting up more than another few parts of the story on this app. I have people wondering where the early parts are and they’re nearly impossible to find at this point since they’re almost a week old and have been buried under new content.

I will still continue to write on Wattpad and anyone is welcome to follow me on there. It is absolutely free.

My username is: anonerotica

This decision also comes because this story has the potential to be a full length novel which would end up being 50+ parts realistically and that’d be really hard on this app.

I want to thank you all for being my first audience. I never dreamed I’d get the reaction I have with the story and it’s so cool that you all are so hooked to it.

Thanks again!