HSV 1 testing?


I’m horrified reading about newborns dying due to HSV 1.

Is this something my OB can do an oral swab on my husband and I to rule out or at least to let either of us know if we have it?

Of course family members will not be kissing baby or letting her put her fingers on their faces and sucking them and people WILL wash their hands when they come in the door and sanitize right before holding her. It’s already flu season when our babies are born so I will be a psycho.

I’m just worried about my husband or myself kissing her. I see my ob in 2 weeks and I want to ask him but I’m also afraid to sound like an idiot or a crazy FTM. This is my IVF baby, she was not easy to conceive and I’m just so protective over her.

Thanks ladies 😍😘