Emotional abuse?

Long story, sort of short version.. here’s how our conversation went while I’m at work. I just graduated from school and started my dream job. Building up clients has been a bit of work but nothing I can’t handle.

Backstory before graduation: I quit my job to focus on school, he was okay with that and paid for the bills. Fast forward maybe a week or so and he texts me while I’m at school saying he’s quit his job. Didn’t finish his 2 weeks.. and has put everything on me. We had money saved up so we paid bills as usual until this month. I’ve been stressed out because as a stylist starting out and not even graduated yet? It’s a lot of work and time to build clients.

I had just gotten paid last week, got enough money to pay 2 bills ($300) off before rent was due. My boyfriend used all of that money to buy him cigs, beer, fast food and we put $20 of gas in the car. So we have $0 for those 2 bills now. He sends me these texts while I’m at work saying how I’m such a horrible person.. he doesn’t do anything while I’m working 10 or 11 hr days, so I come home make dinner, do most of the laundry and 2 loads of dishes. That’s how it’s been every day plus work and he sits on his phone the whole day. He won’t talk to me unless it’s on text and we barely sleep in the same bed..

•Also, in the text it says he works his ass off for us, he isn’t working and hasn’t in 2 months... won’t even clean the house.

His best friend, I talk to him quite a bit about things that happen, has said more than once he’s being emotionally abusive.. my stepmom says the same thing. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m beginning to resent him for how he talks to me like in these texts or he’ll tell me to shut the fuck up or whatever.. I’m doing everything I can and it’s not enough. 😞 Do you girls think he’s being emotionally abusive? I have been through enough types of abuse between growing up and in relationships... I don’t want to be putting up with anymore.

•He’s also planning on going to school in January, but In the meantime he’s doing nothing when he could totally be working... especially cause he knows bills are due. Everything for him is also I do this, I do that... it’s never for an us. •