This is so stupid


Y’all, I realize how incredibly stupid this is as I write it, but I need to vent. We took our daughter to a petting zoo farm today and you walk around the farm to see the different animals. The camel stole my entire bucket of feed 🙈 and they will shred them so this 12-ish year old boy fished it out for me after asking the tour guide woman 10 times if this fence part was electric and she assured him it was NOT. So, he gets the bucket to the top of the fence but can’t quite reach it so I help him. The damn thing shocks me! And I’m 9 weeks pregnant so it freaked me out but I didn’t make a scene. I told the women that it was electric right there and she didn’t even apologize she just said “oh yeah?” So my husband tells me to calm down because apparently I kept going on even though it had literally been 30 seconds of me talking to him it just freaked me out. I called my OB line just to make sure everything would be fine, I’ve never been shocked pregnant before. He told me I was being a baby 😡 I just wanted to slap him. He can be such an ass sometimes. It’s not like I yelled or even said anything to the lady. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄