Avoiding Pre Term Labor At All Cost!!


I spent the whole day in my birth center. As a first time mom EVER, I had no idea what contractions felt like. I was up at 2 am thinking I just held my pee in too long or that sandwich I ate the other day was causing me an upset stomach. It felt like when I ate something bad my stomach hurt and it’s debating on whether I want to poop or vomit, I am well area of my body but no clue whatsoever about contractions . Shameful.

I called my SO at 3 am saying I’m probably just constipated but I’m in pain and we (mainly I was the one because I did not want to accept the fact that I’m probably having contractions) we debated for a good 4 hours before I said it was probably nothing and I just needed to poop. So I went back to sleep at 5 only to be up at 6 with vomiting and clear water gushing out (false alarm it was just pee from the pressure of vomiting, I found that out later on)

Woke up my mother since I’m currently staying with her while SO is states far away! I was still in denial but at that point I had to go, the pain was too much for me (later I found out labor is going to be hella worse, oh joy)

I was having contractions, on the measurements it was always go between 30-50, my baby boy was just moving around chilling not realizing he’s also causing mama pain. I received two IV’s and a pill it’s starts with a P and only god and the creator of the pill knows how to spell it, it was given to relax my uterus and just like Tylenol and Advil, it must have fell through a hole in my mouth because I was still contracting and still feeling pain.

I’m a fingertip dilated, I was check and I was bleeding and I refuse to go through that again after my baby boy arrives, mother was making jokes how I tried to make her a grandma at 22 (she’s way older) I told the nurse I was a Virgin Mary i don’t understand what happen (no one questioned her)

After a good four hours I was discharge they told me to drink water and if the contractions doesn’t subside I will get more of the pill that started with a P, I’m not a medication type person either so I would love for this to stop. I have drank so much water, I’ve had two IV I have peed god knows how many times and even as I write this I’m still contracting but I pray my boy makes it 7 more weeks, I will contract the whole way I just do not want to deliver him too soon.

Come on Jeremiah, Mama doesn’t want to have baby without daddy so we need you bake 7 more weeks okay?! Such an eventful Sunday.