Vacation get away without 1 year old...

Kaitlin • Veterinarian Technician 🐶 Married, and enjoying life with our beautiful girl! 💕 SC

My husband and I went to the smoky mountains for our 2nd anniversary and stayed in a cozy little hotel room with a jacuzzi tub and fireplace. I was ovulating and at my highest peak two days into the trip and boy was it amazing!!!!! We had the BEST sex and I really enjoyed shopping with him, and all the other activities pigeon forge has to offer. With that being said, we left our 1 year old back home with grandma because we absolutely needed this!

I’m glad we did, but I am so depressed we are back home. I 100% wouldn’t mind my daughter just going back with us, so I’m not saying I didn’t want to come home to her because I absolutely did. But in our hotel room it felt like it did when we first started dating, falling in love all over again. At home, everything isn’t as romantic.

How do we make it to where we don’t get tired of each other at home and take every part of our relationship for granted?