Concerned About SOs Health

I've been so worried about him. Lately as soon as he gets home from work, at around 3:45-4, he goes straight to sleep and sleeps through the rest of the day and night. If not as soon as he gets home then around 6. And I'm talking like falls asleep on the phone, as soon as he sits down, he's out and there's no waking him until the next morning. He's been getting sick all the time lately, just in the last week he's been saying how often he's in the bed with his stomach bothering him or with a migraine. I live an hour away and have no way to him outside of the weekend so there is nothing I can do. He won't go to a doctor and he swears he's not depressed. I'm at my wits end it's driving a hole in our relationship because he's never there any more and I'm so worried about his health.