Why do i feel this way!!

In july 2017 i had a molar pregnancy. I lost my baby at 15 weeks. I have been trying ever since to get pregnant and i cant. 🤦🏼‍♀️ and me and my husband are getting so bad i am thinking about leaving him but a part of me cant because he lost a child to and everyone deals with it in a different way. This was his first child. But lately he wont talk to me he wont even look at me. He started going to clubs and stays drunk! (He is 29) i feel like i fail at trying to give him another baby and i fail as a wife. I dont know what to do anymore and i am to the point that i am so confused in life that i dont know what i am doing or whats going on! He ignores me! Last weekend he went to club and daid i didnt have anything to worry about( he lied from the start about where he really was). Came home drunk and i noticed his ring was on his thumb! I broke down he has never took his ring off. I decided to go through his phone and he changed his passcode. We havent slept in the same bed in a few days. The only time he touches me is when he is getting his plate of food and thats grabbing it out of my hand. I dont know what to do