BFF is a bitch!

So I moved to a different country years for the past 9 yrs and have kept in touch with my BFF from high school (we're in our early 30s now. We've kept in touch through the years but eventually died down 3 years ago, her last messages were more of complains how things are not going the way she's been planning.

I'm getting married next year and was hoping to get in touch like old times, and have been considering to invite her. I posted on social media my engagement and she never responded. But she was active liking and commenting randoms. A couple of weeks ago I decided to message her how she is. Her response was 5 sentences long how she's busy with her "career" traveling and moved out of the city. And that's about it. I replied with where she's moved to, what she's doing because her message was too general. And announced how I recently did my engagement party. (I mean it's not everyday that your BFF is about to get married) ever since she's never responded back! I mean seriously WTH, I always thought our friendship will remain no matter how long the distance, we made that pact and we said that big events in our lives will share them together. I'm angry, sad and hurt!