Boober King

Jennifer • Hopelessly in love with my soulmate, mother of three beautiful kiddos: ❤️03/03/08, 💙05/06/10 and 👼💙09/28/18 - 06/02/2020

Anyone else feel like their little one is attached to their breast 24/7? I breast fed with my second born and I don't remember it being quite this time consuming however usually the first few months are blurry anyway with being overtired etc. We call him the 'The Boober King' because he's on there so much. I was crying the first few weeks because I feel like I couldn't do anything else as soon as I stopped nursing he would stir and want the breast again and not because he was hungry, just for comfort. He will nurse while sleeping and just let the milk run out the side of his mouth! 🙄 💙 Now that he's 4 weeks old he still nurses a lot but at least I can get some other stuff done and he sleeps a little longer on his own. I've also started pumping a couple of times a day so that I can bottle feed him once in awhile because it takes him about 10 minutes to drink 3 oz from a bottle where as it takes 40 minutes of breastfeeding because he continually falls asleep at the breast, so that has helped a bit. How are you all doing with your little ones?

Pic of my lil Hendrix Wayne doing what he loves the most lol