Hurricane Michael 😞


4 weeks to go now before I’m due.

Should have had her room completely finished by now.

Should be enjoying my time waiting on her arrival, getting prepared to have our 2nd.

1 week before Michael came, we just finished my 2 year olds Big Boy room, with his brand new bed. Brand new everything. He was the happiest kid in the world seeing it completed. First night We were so nervous, but he slept the whole night like he’d been sleeping in there forever.

The day after we came back to find our home never the same again.

My newborns room now holds all the stuff the other rooms cannot. As a storage room.

My sons room wall completely falling apart, all over his new bed. Freshly painted walls bubbling from where water now laid behind it. Which he unfortunately saw, and began to shake and get scared. Then he proceeded to say bad guy did it. (Which he’s recently learned of the villains in movies are the bad guys) 😭 His floors flooded with water, insulation seeping through.

My son cried so hard seeing our backyard, which brought my husband and I to sob uncontrollably. He’s only 2. 2!

So thankful we didn’t wait it out at home.

No matter where we are now and he sees trees standing he says the good guy came and gave them bandaids for their boo boos. And then claps so hard and says yayyyy trees! Good job.

Well his room was on the 2nd floor. So down to the kitchen where our ceiling is now dripping all over the place. Kitchen walls bubbling and falling apart in some places already. Water flooded the kitchen/laundry room.

Boarded up French doors blew open and allowed the dirt and debris along with rain in. Chimney gone, allowing rain through the roof.

The whole right side of our vinyl and walls to our home was almost demolished.

The positive?

The left side barely touched. We didn’t lose any of our personal belongings, just a bed, couches, and some small things.

we still had the majority of our roof.

And most of all we had each other.

We left that morning we found out it was almost a category 5. Drove blindly until we hit Auburn AL.

Safe. Panicked. But safe. 2 dogs, my two year old and my husband and I.

Came back the next day to complete devastation. No trees stood anymore. They were in and on what looked to be houses. Didn’t even look like our hometown.

But you did see all the neighbors working their asses off with each other sharing generators, cutting trees down, passing out waters.

I’m now having my baby at a different hospital, with a different OB. 400 miles away at my MIL’s home. With my two dogs and 2 year old. Blessed and thankful we have somewhere to go when others do not. It’s not what we ever wanted, but here we are.

Please continue to pray for Panama City, Lynn Haven, and Mexico beach. It’s worse than than anyone knows, and there’s literally no news coverage. Continue to pray for the missing, our lineman and our first responders. Please continue to pray for everyone that’s lost their jobs.

I know we’re lucky to be alive, and to have somewhere to go for now. But please remember I’m allowed to be sad, depressed and mad about everything that’s passed and Having our whole lives ripped away within a couple days. having a home that’s unlivable and waiting on the unknown in at some days unbearable.

Trying to keep focused on the day to day and the amount of overwhelming love and support from family friends and neighbors.

***Please no negativity. ***

Just say you’re praying or pray silently for everyone here in the panhandle of Florida.

And don’t take your daily routine and life for granted. Ever. You’ll realize really just How much you miss that same old routine .. in your own home.. at your work.. those play dates with your friends who are family. Your family.

If you read this thank you.

Just felt the need to get this out there.

Let the long journey of the unknown begin.

850 Strong 🙏🏽