October birth story. All the signs


LONG POST. So just like any other preggo, I was making myself crazy reading into every body ache and body switch like a labor sign since week 35. I guess you could say it was wishful thinking given this was my second pregnancy and my experience was not as pleasant as my first.

I had my first Braxton Hicks week 35 going on 36. Week 37 I continued to have Braxton Hicks painless but uncomfortable hardening of the uterus, all night that would stop in the am. Week 38 I asked for my first cervical check, which cause alot of pelvic pressure and contractions at night which AGAIN went away in the am. I was Soo discouraged after they would go away. Week 39 I had a membrane sweep, I was already 3cm, soft, but posterior. I hardly had any cramping as a result so I felt discouraged. Next day I had bloody show, which is expected after a sweep. Couple days later I had menstrual cramping all day and some consistent contractions still not painful just uncomfortable, also brown discharge. I told my mom and husband I thought I was in labor. But it was as though as soon as I said it they stopped. I felt embarrassed I couldn't recognize labor as real. Friday comes around and I'm feeling sick all of the sudden. Lots of thirst, and a little under the weather. Like I was going to get a cold or the flu. Saturday came, 3 or 4 am felt some contractions this time a little more uncomfortable. Still not perfectly timable. Woke up did my regular routine. Really hopeful this was the day because contractions felt different than before. Sharp. I cleaned, I ate. I took. Nap. Had a couple of bowel movements. . Around 2pm contractions we're more timable and now more painful. I also had bloody discharge that day. I cautiously told my hubby we may have to go to L &D. It's his birthday. I time contractions they are about 8 min apart, at this point I've been having contractions for hours they are not going away with movement and they are getting more painful. I call labor and Delivery. I come in. On my ride to hospital, my contractions become less frequent. Which is a bummer. But still painful every 15 min. They put me on monitors and tell me my contractions are not close enough together. I get a cervical check, and I've made progress I'm 5 cm dilated. 85 effaced. Still posterior. They admit me. Tell me to walk to get contractions closer together. I walk an hour, they become stronger and a little closer about 10 min. They check cervix again, I'm at 6 cm. I opt to get things sped up. But I know how painful pitocin contractions are so I also opt for epideral. I get epideral around 7:30pm, then pitocin starts 750. I don't feel a thing. Until an hour later. Strong pressure in my anus, strong urge to push so uncomfortable knowing I can't push. They check me I'm still at 6cm. They don't take my discomfort seriously. Another 30 min go by, pressure increased, water pops! A gush of.warn water comes out of me. I tell them, and now they get room ready for delivery. They check me I'm still at 9cm with some cervix left. They tell me not to push or I can rupture my cervix. Midwife, helps push my cervix out of the way. Apparently I'm now ready to push. It's so uncomfortable. I push for 15 minutes. Felt the ring of fire epideral and all. My baby boy is born. 7lb 9 ounce. 20.5 inches. Born 4 days before due date. So glad he's here. So glad not to be pregnant anymore.