Asher is here 💙


I was 40w+2d when I delivered. I got to the hospital around 12 on Wednesday the 24th because I wanted to see if my water had broke. I woke up that morning with wet shorts but didn’t think anything of it because my discharge has been a lot before then. I went to work and while I was there— I used the restroom and noticed blood and my panties being wet again. So I decided to go and get checked and sure enough, it was my water. They admitted me and I was 2-2.5cm dilated. I was having contractions but they just weren’t progressing my dilation so they gave me pitocin to speed up my contractions. Well they were speeding up but my cervix was still not dilating. Around 10pm My dr came in and she had to put this long tube inside of me to put a hole in the bag Asher was in. Well when she did that, I was having a contraction and babies don’t take contractions well so what the dr called it was “baby going under water” basically, he was drowning and stopped breathing. Well the nurses are screaming and throwing things around to make room, and I’m shaking and in complete shock— crying and freaking out. They had to give me a breathing airway to calm down and to get Asher back.

Well my contractions didn’t start hurting me until about 4am on Thursday October 25, so I got an epidural. My contractions were literally on top of each other and so sharp, it took the anesthesiologist along time to put the medicine inside my spine. Well after the epidural— I was good. I was 5cm at the time and at 5am, my nurse came and checked me and said I was 10cm.. so she thought. She gets me ready to start pushing and I’m pushing— but actually pooping.... ALOT. And then she says “well you have a lip or cervix left and it seems like Asher isn’t wanting to come that way.” So, the doctor comes in immediately and tells me I should get the c-section because the baby just isn’t willing to come that way and I could possibly be pushing for 3 more hours. Also, because Asher needed to come out already since my bag almost broke a day ago. So of course, if it’s safer for my son then I’m for it. I get into the surgery room with Asher’s dad and I’m not feeling anything until I do feel with feels like— all my organs being shoved out of me. My hunny was born at 5:29am on October 25th. My recovery is hard because I’m basically trying to heal from vaginal and cesarean birth.