We had a Halloween baby! 🎃🖤


We had a Halloween baby! Original due date was 11/8. My water broke at 2am in the morning. I got up, showered and got ready. My contractions started around 4-5am. I labored at home until 6:15am and we arrived at the hospital at 6:30am. They admitted me and I was at 5cm. My contractions were very strong and painful. I got an epidural a little while later and our baby boy Rocco Ace was born at 9:57am in just 4 pushes 💙 He weighed 6.1 lbs and is 20in long. We had a great experience and I’m so glad he finally arrived! The same OB that delivered my daughter also delivered my son and we love her so much. There were lots of laughs and love in the room during both of my deliveries and that always makes for such a memorable and joyful experience. I just knew he was going to be born on Halloween since the day I found out my due date haha. We were blessed with a real TREAT this Halloween! 🎃😊💙