Could this be early pregnancy


Okay guys so I haven’t had a period in about 38 days and it doesn’t really put up any red flags as I’ve had periods 3 months apart before so I could have ovulated at any point or not at all yet I have one daughter but had no symptoms at all with her but this past week I’ve been having headaches and been going to the toilet very often I’m also very bloated but what has got me stumped is the waves of what best I can explain feels like motion sickness I opened a pack of my favourite sausage rolls yesterday and wanted to be sick and it’s been happening on and off for days just in random waves but I tried a fr test today and nothing my friend thinks I’m thinking myself into it but I tried for a year for my daughter and this never happend and have been trying 8 months so far what I’m asking is what does morning sickness feel like and is it possible to have it before a bfp please help