Is anyone else struggling with this

Hey everyone!

Okay so before I got pregnant I was on a weight loss journey, and had already lost 40 lbs. I had about 20 pounds to go when the test came back, I was really motivated to lose that extra weight and one of the first things I thought was damn I won’t be able to lose weight for a while now.

Now I’m 12 weeks and the changes in my body are upsetting me, like I don’t feel happy about seeing the bump, or eating a lot of the foods I wouldn’t allow before. Don’t get me wrong, I feel absolutely blessed about having this baby, and can’t wait to meet them, but I’m just so confused why I’m feeling this way.

I feel to ashamed to tell my friends or doctor because it seems selfish and I know it. I’m just curious if any other women experienced this and how they dealt with it?

Thanks so much for your help.

^ this is 40 pounds in the difference

Below 11 weeks pregnant