Ttc break at 35/36? Or keep it up?

Just looking for tips and maybe to vent a little😈

So I’m thinking it’s time for a ttc break, maybe just for this month. I’m 35 trying for #2 for 16 months now. We’re looking at male factor and I have more screenings scheduled for December.

I travel for work during most of my fertile days this cycle, just might catch ovulation depending on what my body does this month.

I’m feeling frustrated with only took us four cycles to conceive our first, I wanted my kids to be close in age, and I feel like I hear about another pregnancy every darn day now. A break would be nice, but I’m worried about my age...turning 36 in December 😛

Anyway thanks for reading. I haven’t really shared anything with friends or family, so it’s nice to have a place where others are going through the same thing.