Anyone else feeling “not pregnant”


I got my first three positives in the ER. They were faint, but positive is positive. I had gotten into a car accident and they wanted to do a CT. What a way to find out you’re pregnant, huh? At least my fiancé was there with me.

After that I started putting things together and it explained way the week prior I had been so fatigued and eating frequently.

Well two days after, k took three more tests because i still couldn’t believe it! Of course, they were all positive, and much darker. 😊

It’s now been almost a week since I found out, but I can’t help but feel NOT pregnant. I don’t have morning sickness, or nausea (unless I don’t eat) and I’m just feeling a little down while I wait for my first doctors appointment.

I estimate that I’m between 4-5 weeks. My breasts are tender, I’m always sleepy, and if I don’t eat every three hours then that’s the only time I feel nauseous.

Can y’all share y’all symptoms, and maybe give me a peace of mind. This wait is killing me, I want to see my bean and know that he/she is okay.