The wait is over!!


Hello :) whoever that has been following my posts knows that this last month I wasn’t feeling like it worked! But I guess taking my mind off of it really helped!

The night before the blood test I had this very vivid dream where I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, I woke up asking myself if it was real or not and then I realized I was still in bed haha. On the day I was going to go for the blood test, I was pretty sure it was going to come back negative, I then doubted about taking a hpt but decided to do it anyways to not be waiting all day for the call for a negative result. So I did a cheapy test and I left it in the counter for a minute, when I came back, the line was there!! I could not believe my eyes so I took another test and also positive so then it was time for the digital and I couldn’t stop crying of happiness when I read the word pregnant!!

After all the crying I went to my appt and told the nurses about the tests, they say they’ll call me with the numbers later on the day.

Now it was time to prepare a surprise for the future dad to be :) I knew I wanted to get a book, some tiny new born socks and stuff to tell him, I got all of the stuff together and I set it up in the bedroom.

They called me around 3:30 pm to confirm the pregnancy:)!!

By 5:30 pm my husband came back home and I was hiding in the bedroom recording him :) he could not believe what was happening because well.. we both thought this wasn’t the month, he could only say “Shut up!” Hahaha then we cried, kissed and hugged and then we celebrated with dinner in the place where we went on our very first date!!

I feel like I still can’t believe it! After almost 2 years of trying we did on our second

<a href="">IUI</a>

! We only hope this baby stays with us! Today we are around 4 weeks and 2 days but to be honest, the fear that I am feeling right now is so big, I am afraid of having a chemical pregnancy or a miscarriage, I have been having like period cramps since friday and that’s one of the reasons I also thought it was going to be negative. Has this happened to anyone?

I don’t want to worry too much but we really really want this little baby!

I go for another blood test next Tuesday to see how the numbers are progressing!