Seeking advice


Hi everyone, I am 34 and have been trying to TTC #2 for 14 months without luck. No pregnancies, no chemicals, nada.

I did conceive my first (now a 4.5 yr old) really easily, within 1-2 months of trying!

I get regular 26-day cycles and positive OPKs around day 9/10 but like I said no luck! Hormone tests normal, HSG normal.

Recently met with infertility specialist and he talked about enrolling in an ovulation monitoring program, fertility drugs, Ovidrel, <a href="">IUI</a>, even a laparoscopy if needed.

I am scared. I worry about going down the rabbit hole. How far am I willing to go? How will I afford it? Most worried about the emotional toll it will take if it doesn’t work out in the end!

Would appreciate any wisdom, advice, personal experiences....