Overdosed on Anti-depressants


So last night I accidentally took 2 doses of my anti depressant (for OCD). I figured I’d be fine. Well today while in the car during a hunting trip with my boyfriend I totally freaked. I mean full on lost it.

Honestly I don’t remember most of it but I had EXTREME suicidal thoughts, and cried and screamed and was hallucinating. None of the thoughts that came out of my mouth were things I had ever thought of before.

My poor boyfriend had driven us 200 miles for this trip, and turned us around. He soothed me and told me he loved me while I screamed at him to break up with me because I knew even in this twisted state this wasn’t normal.

Eventually I came out of this 2hr long fit and i can not stop thanking my boyfriend and apologizing. I am so glad he kept me safe because if I had my gun I totally would have tried to kill myself.

I have NEVER had any thing like this happen to me before. I am such a happy person, I have a great life and would never ever kill myself. I talked to my mom who is a psych nurse who gives anti depressants all the time and she said she’s sure it was the extra pill that did this but I feel so bad and embarrassed. My whole body hurts.