I broke things off with a guy and I’m not sure if his actions are normal or not

I broke things off with a guy I was seeing for a little over 3 months. I was with a guy for 10 years prior and decided to work through things with him, after all we had a long history together. The 3 month guy and I worked together at a company and he was security and had access to cameras. He kept me up on his monitor my whole shift (didn’t know this until recently) and constantly texted me throughout the day, complimented the way I was looking, but then asked about things I was doing on my phone (he knew specifics) at the time. I was flattered with the attention and didn’t think that those things weren’t okay until just recently. The guy I was seeing for a short period of time had already knew when he was gonna propose to me, set a wedding date, talked about kids and didn’t mind if it happened right away. He set me as his beneficiary 2 months in. He had me meet his mom on our first date. Yes he’s a good guy and I was flattered that he loved me so much already but I wonder if this behavior is normal because an hour after I broke things off with him (3 am) I heard knocking at my bedroom window for a good 15 minutes and thought I heard someone talking (thought it was my brother) this was at 4am...the guy texted me tonight telling me he did that...he even rang the door bell a few times...he then went to my other brothers house thinking I was there and said he knocked a few times then left. Texted my mom and one of my friends at 4am as well telling them I broke things off with him and thanking them for meeting him and telling them to have me call him one last time..he’s been texting/calling continuously (yes I know I can block his number) but I kinda want to keep an eye about the kind of texts he’s sending cause he knows where I live..

Is he just hurting or something more?

I also recently got him a job where I work (when I thought things were gonna work) and I’m in management, he’s not and he knows that i want him to turn it down and even asked me if I’d be okay working with him and I said no, it will be disrespectful to the guy I want to be with. Now he’s saying he’s not gonna turn it down like he said he would. It’s a part time minimum wage job..he never has trouble find a job..he’s in the military.

I gave him the opportunity to express how he feels and he was trying to find out where I was and was continuous about it and still refuses to turn the job down where we will have to closely interact. I’ll have shifts alone with him..

UPDATE: he texted “Last night I heard you call out my name( clear as day next to me your voice said my name) I was laying down it was right after the first time I told you I was gonna lay down. Clear as day I heard my name and it was your voice.”