Deciding to bring forward TTC


My fiancé and I have decided to bring forward our 8 year plan to be within the next 2 or 3, as it turns out my fathers health is going downhill... I’m unsure if we wait too long if he will be around to see me become a mum. I’m the youngest child, and my only sister is unable to conceive due to PCOS. I am very close to him and it is extremely important that he is around for at least my first child.

I want to be organised, I want to know what to have sorted before TTC, we have planned to wed in June 2019 as personally i want to be married before becoming pregnant. What do I need to be aware of? What should I start organising now? Do I do a pre-TTC doctors test to check fertility? I will get on private health before hand to ensure cover for all classes and maternity care (in Australia I’m not sure if this app is worldwide or not).