Too early for SA?

Tara • 25 years old. TTC #1 since 7/2018 with my husband of 3 years. ❤️

Is it too early for a SA for my husband? We’ve been trying for 5 months with no luck. I have 28 day cycles on the dot each month, and get strong OPKs on CD14 each month. We are both young (25 & 26) and healthy. We time intercourse perfectly each month. I haven’t even had a chemical pregnancy or anything. All stark white negative tests for months. I know people say it takes time (up to a year for a healthy couple), but my cycles are so regular that I believe it should have happened already. BECAUSE I’m so regular, I’m worried there’s an issue on his side. When I went to my NP at the women’s health clinic three months ago, she was very positive that I’d conceive within the next few months, and to call her if I hadn’t. Well, here we are now, still not pregnant. 😔 Is it too early to call about ordering my husband a semen analysis test?