Dr Pepper addiction: how I stopped 😂

I can’t give myself all the credit, after all the way I stopped drinking Dr Pepper was weird af.

I drank Dr Pepper all day everyday. I’d go through a 12 pack in a day. If I didn’t have it, id start to get irritated as hell and mad at everything. That’s a lot of money on top of how horrible it already is to drink soda like water. More than water.

I was so addicted to it that I got really sick with the stomach flu and drank it anyways. And then I continued to throw it up over and over again. I wasn’t taking in anything else I couldn’t keep anything down and I didn’t want the Dr Pepper either but it’s like I had to.

I was sick for days and eventually Dr Pepper started to look, sound, taste and smell repulsive. I didn’t want it anywhere near me. Everything that I happened to smell during this stomach bug, like cinnamon candles my so lit.. cinnamon anything is repulsive to me now. Like I can’t handle it. Anyways, After that I started feeling better.

And that’s it, thats literally how I stopped 😂 it’s been 10 months and I decided to be like what could It hurt... and it tasted like pure syrup. It’s nasty omfg. It still even smells bad to me.

So I’m proud of myself for stopping because it really did my body a favor. I’ve lost 20 pounds because I stopped drinking it. I swear it made my insides hurt and now that’s gone. But like I said I can’t even credit myself, I have to credit a stomach bug for training my brain to think Dr Pepper is repulsive.

Oh also, I am in no way saying that you should self induce vomiting to get rid of addiction to soda or any sort of thing. I had a stomach flu and had no choice. I’m just talking about how I stopped, or how my body made me stop I should say.

I look back and think about how bad it was. I really had a problem and people around me are like wow how did you stop drinking it and I’m like well um, I barfed it up uncontrollably for days and hate it now. I did have withdrawals, and horrible headaches. But I just suffered through it because there was no way in hell I was going to drink dr pepper again.