I want to adopt

My husband and I have 5 kids, we own our own home, 3 cars, and doing pretty well financially. I mean, we can always be doing better and that'll come as soon as I'm finished with school and go back out to work. Now, my dilemma is I've always wanted to adopt a child but wasn't in the right place to do so, until now. My husband, on the other hand, isn't really open to it right now.

A little backstory... when we met, I told him about my dreams to start a shelter of sorts for young mothers. Whether it be young girls whose parents reject them for having a child early or for parents who can't take care of a child for various reasons, such as mental health issues or financial issues. It's still a dream of mine today. Another goal of mine, is to open my home and my family to a child or children in need of love, care, a home and family to call their own.

My husband understands that but let's just say, he's not visiting any adoption websites anytime soon. I'm not pressing the issue, just I guess, venting. I'm open to volunteering at a children's group home or orphanage. I donate toys, food, and clothing to our local shelters but I don't feel fulfilled.

Anyway, as I've said, I'm just venting and don't really expect anyone to have the answers, since there's no real question. Thanks for reading though!