He didnt reply my message

My ex and I broke up a 1 year ago because he moved city.

He then decided to return but it depends on him finding a job. He made some trips since and we hooked up but didn't get back as a couple because we don't know if he will get the job.

He has been away for 3 months since he visited, and to not keep my hopes up, I stopped messaging him 2 months ago because it didn't seem likely he would get the job and we could be together. I should say in that time he also didn't message me..

After 2 months of no contact, I gave up and message him a 'how are you?' And he didn't reply, which is unlike him.

I know he got the message.. so what could be up?

What should I do? Message again?

Thanks for reply so far all. I didnt realise sending one message of how are you was chasing someone..!