Just Looking For Prayer or Any Help Possible

So I have been going through some rough times . It’s just me , my 6 year old son and my 1 year old daughter . I am a divorced mom from an abusive relationship. Two years ago I was raped and I found out a month later I was pregnant but I kept my daughter because I don’t believing in abortions : I’m breaking down because I don’t want to let my kids down . I’m about to loose my home Friday .. and it’s so much on my mind and idk what to do. If anyone can pray for me or have resources I can call it would be great because my luck sucks . For the past few years it has been back to back issues and I’m tired of it . I don’t know if I can do This anymore . I have went to churches , organizations, and so call friends and nobody can help me and it hurts so much to hear I’m sorry your going through but but I can’t help you . I’m so sick of this world and it’s fake ness to know your business just to know it and do nothing .