Im worried!


So this weekend I got 3 very positive HCG home pregnancy tests. This is my first time ever being pregnant, so I Went to a Dr appointment yesterday, my uterine walls were very thick but no gestational sac could be seen. I was sent to get some blood tests and my HCG level was 217 and I have to go in for another tomorrow. My LMP started on 28th September, so according to that I should be 5 wks 5days today. Dr said 1 of 2 things are happening :

1. An ectopic pregnancy since no sac can be seen and my levels clearly show fertilization. I have no bleeding or intense cramping or shoulder pain. Or anything to indicate such.

2. I ovulation really late so it's still too early to see on a scan.

I'm trying not to freak out or be worried but it's so hard! She said my HCG levels tomorrow with tell her the progression of my pregnancy and more of the date.

Has anyone experienced something similar and had a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby?


I did more blood tests today and my levels more than doubled thank God!! I’m now at HCG Levels of 560. I’m doing another one on Saturday to ensure they’re raising and also going to check my progesterone levels as well. 🤗😊