I did it!!


Third baby. Two previous inductions with epidural and spinal block. This one was 💯 natural. Contractions started at 7pm last night. Continued through the night 7 min apart. They got painful and close around 7am. I refused to time them after 7am because I was in too much pain. I made the kids breakfast, got in and out of the bath, bounced on my ball. Then around 9:17am I really started feeling the contractions and asked hubby to come home ASAP. He wasn’t coming fast enough so I called MIL to pick up the kids. And I texted my mom to pick me up at 10:31am to take me to the hospital. I started to feel the urge to push when I was waiting for my mom. We got to the hospital at 10:57am. I got here fully dialed and ready to push. Gabe got to hospital finally from work, first couple pushes broke my amniotic sack. Joshua David Marcano was born at 11:54am November 7th 2018. Not gonna lie I asked for pain meds when I got here but it was way too late. He has already nurs

ed and now His daddy

can’t put him down.