Early miscarriage?


I am looking for some information.

To start off I’m usually always a bit late with my period/have long cycles. About a month before I got my period- this time, I noticed I had symptoms of pregnancy, but thought nothing of it... my husband and I aren’t trying, but have unprotected sex-

I had food abrasions (never, ever experienced it before) that went on for a few weeks, in combination with “morning sickness” that came in afternoons mostly but also mornings sometimes, really sore, tender-swelled breasts. Which I know a few could be period symptoms but I have never had them that early or long.

Anyways about a week before I was due, I took a cheap pregnancy test, it read inconclusive, I took another one when I was a day late, then 3 days late. They both care up negative, but both had SUPER faint 2nd negative lines, fainter than I’ve ever seen.

Then about after 4-5 days blood came, first brown spotting about half a day, then heavier blood than I have ever experienced in my life, and I have heavy periods. Along with that horrible cramps- I usually also have cramping- sometimes pretty painful, but this I could not really do a lot the pain was so bad.

Anyone experienced the same?

Late, unusual period or early miscarriage?