Ex says he’s sorry😂😂


I got this email from my ex-husband after he asked me to be his roommate a few weeks ago:

“I really do now understand all of what you were trying to say to me and all of my stupid things that I did when I was younger. I’m not making any excuses we were young I didn’t know myself he’ll you didn’t know yourself. Sadly you grew up before I did. I would truly like to start over and be your friend. I know you have anger built up from me and nothing I can say will help. I am trying to get my stuff together on my end so that I can support the boys the way they should. I was serious about the roommate thing when I asked. I had no reason to not be. I have missed so much and want to do so much. It’s a lot to ask but I understand the difference between me acting like a boy and the transition to what’s needed to be a man. Regardless of how you feel. I did tell you I love you and I wasn’t ready for any of that when I thought I was hit the problem was that I thought I was ready and wasn’t fully. Allow me to be in y’all a life again I really miss the kids. I can’t apologize enough hell I would love to be able

to sit down and listen to your stories. I was a little boy and didn’t know what it would like to step into that manly role that was needed. I don’t want to stir up any trouble just want to reach out. I really don’t want to fight or fuss anymore a lot that I thought was actually isn’t. I truly sorry”

Cry me a fucking river🙄