Ex boyfriend drama


Hey ladies I need some help rn, so i dated this guy for a year and a half and we split up mutually over the summer cause we had continuing problems and we were just not happy anymore. After a couple of weeks of breaking up he texted me out of no where saying he doesn’t want me in his life and he doesn’t care about me and he never wants to be friends with me. Basically being a total douche and causing drama. Then about a month ago from today he texted me completely apologizing for what he texted me and said he wants me in his life again as friends, I basically, respectfully told him to fuck off because I knew he was only reaching out for his connivence. Fast forward to this past Saturday we were at a party and both of us are drinking and we start talking and have some decent talks. We were talking for a while and talking to him made me miss him and he kept saying he wants us to be friends but then says “i miss you” and “i still love you”. The party was pretty loud so we went outside to talk more and after a little he kissed me a couple of times and i am completely conflicted. I don’t know what to do or say or how to feel about this whole situation because i still care deeply for him but all of these feelings are pouring back.