So my boyfriend and I had sex, and for the first time in 3 years that we’ve been doing it the condom ripped and he came inside of me. I had to obviously take the plan b after pill. A week later I got my period... which was weird because I literally finished my menstruating cycle 2 weeks ago so it came back again. I looked it up and it said it was normal for it to come early. Okay so I kept calm. This Monday is a full week of being on my period. (I never last more than 4 days...) So now the problem is. I got my period, pretty heavy for 4 days, then I just spot which is normal, I continue spotting until I have nothing for 2 days straight, no pad needed, no mini pad because I wasn’t even spotting. Today, Wednesday, I wake up all stained with a lightish flow. Which is weird because I thought I had finished. I kept on through my day and my flow just got heavier and heavier and right now it is night time and I had to put a full pad because it’s heavy and even when I wipe there’s a lot... is this normal?? I’m kind of scared on what’s happening because it’s been now a week and a half of menstruating... why is my cycle being weird or does this mean something?? Is it normal to have it like this after taking the Plan B After pill? Please someone explain because my bf is getting worried too as in why I stopped bleeding and now I’m bleeding more than ever. 😭