My mom makes me insecure

So first off I love my mom, she is wonderful and great and the best mom I could have asked for she tries her hardest and I think she always comes from a good place, think. My whole life I’ve been a bit overweight I try to diet and exercise but it’s hard when your in school to find the time or to think about what your eating. So I wouldn’t say I look the biggest and I’m pretty happy actually how I look most of the time. But like any person I often time get insecure, when I do who better to turn to your mom to vent. Well time and time again I find this to be a mistake. Instead of reassuring me of my confidence I get back handed advice “if you started eating less maybe you wouldn’t be so big”, I get subtle jabs that she probably doesn’t even know she is saying “you sure you wanna wear your shirt tucked in, I can see your stomach” “suck it in” if I wear a shirt that somewhat shows my tummy she laughs and tells me to cover it saying “I don’t wanna see that”. She is very hypocritical towards me, and my older sister who’s is much skinnier. My older sister could eat a whole dinner, and hour later say I’m hungry and she says “well go eat something” I could eat dinner an hour later say something like oh a smoothie sounds good” and she will tell me “you just ate you don’t need to eat” she is blatantly hypocritical towards me and everyone around can see it but her. And it’s not just my stomach. I’m a 38 DD bust and she often time yells at me for not having perky breasts saying it’s “disgusting how they swing and hang” when I’m not wearing a bra in my own house. If I wear a bathing suit she makes fun of my bottom or thighs. If I am buying new panties she tells me to buy some that go over my stomach. I don’t know I love her to death she is my mom of course but like. It’s hurtful the things she says

That’s just how I look for reference